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Los mejores doodle de la historia de Google

Los mejores doodle de la historia de Google

¿Has notado que muchas veces cuando ingresas al buscador de Google cambia la imagen haciendo referencia a una fecha o evento de importancia? Esas modificaciones al logo son llamadas doodles y hoy queremos conmemorar los doodles más divertidos y relevantes que ha hecho Google.

New prices and Google Map policies

On July 16, 2018 Google announced some modifications and usage policies for Google, these new changes caused a stir among the developers since the Google Maps APIS went from being free to a paid service.

Wix and Squarespace: free web design platforms

Do you want to have your website for your business? Currently there are cheaper options to pay for a professional web development, today you will meet 2 of them: Wix and Squarespace.

The importance of Google Business

Google My Business is a Google tool designed to grow your business easily and that customers around you locate you quickly.

Instagram and Facebook Shop

Did you know that you can sell through Instagram and Facebook without your client leaving your preferred social network?

It integrates with your website and your customers can easily navigate through your products from Instagram or Facebook and buy quickly from your mobile in the comfort of your home.

Free web development vs Web Developers

Free web development vs Web Developers

 Which is more suited to my needs?

At the moment of wanting to expand a business, brand or simply want to convey a message to all, it has crossed our mind to acquire a web page to achieve greater reach. The problem is that having a website is not economical, however we live in a technological era where there are ways to cut costs and through that need free web development platforms have emerged. Yes, free.

The best Icon Fonts of 2018

The best Icon Fonts of 2018 - Zaggi Fonts

It’s easier for a person to locate the icon of the famous "I like" to review in the entire page where it says that phrase and click. This is because the brain processes information faster if it is presented in the form of an image in the form of text, because of this it tends to remember better the visual content since it connects more with memories and emotions.

Periodic Table of Disruptive Technologies

Periodic Table of Disruptive Technologies

When we watch movies like Star Wars or The Bicentennial Man, we realize how much technology has advanced. There are elements that for that moment were dreams and that are currently part of our day to day revolutionizing the world.

Instagram features

IGTV: Meet the new Instagram features

Instagram has been a platform that has evolved from a social network in which you shared your images to position yourself as one of the main inbound marketing opportunities for companies and brands.